Jim’s Favourite Gigs/Events Jan- April 2011

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Jim’s Favourite Gigs/Events Jan- April 2011

Sunday 9 January 2011, Studio Recording With Dave Draper

The weather as lovely as we set out on a lovely day in the Cotswolds to go to Dave Draper’s FFG studios

Right up until we were getting in the car Becky was going to re-record Hit A Wall, I thought this was already very well recorded, so Becky went for her other choice of Let’s Get Fun.

Dave was very accommodating, especially as we turned up with a car full of people, myself, Cathy and Gareth, I joked as he greeted us “well, Becky Rose, of course, comes with an entourage!”

It was a very enjoyable day and Becky was very confident and relaxed and Dave was very easy to work with, very open to ideas and a very quick worker.

On the subsequent video the light hearted feel of the day is very much in evidence.

Thursday 3 February 2011, BBC Musicians Masterclass at Abbey Road Studios

Outside broadcast units, the press, music celebrities, Radio 1 DJs, music industry bigwigs, Becky had a fantastic day at the world famous Abbey Road Studios and even ended up interviewing Kissy Sell Out for BBC H&W!

The journey there and back was fine and the weather was surprisingly good for a February day. There were lots of excited tweets flying around (the event was ‘trending’ on twitter) and there was a big crowd outside Abbey Road and the local motorists were driven bonkers by people constantly crossing and having their photos taken on the legendary zebra crossing.

Myself and Cathy had killed our feet the day before by taking a two hour round trip to ensure there would be no mistakes tomorrow. We obviously didn’t trust modern day stuff like the car or the tube! So next day we walked to Abbey Road from our hotel in Notting Hill and Becky Rose had landed at Abbey Road.

After Becky was there, we thought that now was a good time to try the tube and it was really quick and easy…Doh! We got everywhere in minutes, in fact later we got to the designated pub so quickly that Cathy wanted to walk back again to make it last longer!

My feet were pronounced dead!

Then we reached the next pub and it had board games, bizarre, Cathy was then determined to pass the time by having a game of Monopoly! I wasn’t keen but we ended up having a right laugh, we came to the conclusion that we were out of town yokels who thought the tube was the future only 50 years after it was actually invented!

Becky was on an absolute high afterwards as we went for a meal but by the time we hit the Champion pub we were all absolutely shattered.

Saturday 26 February 2011, Weak 13 Video Shoot

Becky had only a tiny part to play so it wasn’t about this. What it was about was a wonderful communal spirit and fantastic fun, lots of people were dressed up, some outrageously so, the music was great ‘You Don’t Love Me’ and Nick J Townsend made sure that absolutely everyone there was truly welcome and the organisation of the whole process was outstanding.

Myself, Gareth and Becky were in the mosh pit, no less, for the crowd scenes, while Cathy took lots of photos and left all who attended with a big smile on their faces.

Friday 4 March 2011, Vintage Burlesque Showcase, Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton

One of the most surreal days of my life, I had had one of the worst working days I could remember, after a row had blown up between two members of my team and my boss via the union, she decided to unleash the loss prevention department on me to give me 9 hours of psychological hell, I was wrecked…So straight from this, into the car to go to Becky’s next gig and it’s a burlesque night!

The audience really warmed to Becky and gave her tremendous support throughout her set, it was a shame we forgot the camcorder mic as the sound quality on the video is not as good as it should have been.

We got home at 2 am and after such a day of contrasting emotions I could only quote The Who “I’ve been to hell…and heaven as well”

Monday 14 March 2011

Becky receives a very interesting email…say no more!

Wednesday 30 March 2011, Sanctuary Studios, Dudley

A really smooth journey there, the satnav says 3 minutes to go when an awful set of roadworks holds us up for 25 minutes.

Anyway, we finally arrive at Sanctuary Studios for a radio session and interview for Xposed Radio. David Davies was producing and the sound quality on the vocals was jaw-droppingly good, in fact, there was stunned silence when her voice was pouring out the speakers in the control room.

We made up time as Becky did all three songs in first takes, no red light nerves apparent here.

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Becky’s Myspace profile views pass 150,000

Friday 15 April 2011, Crown And Anchor, Worcester

What a great night! At first, we were at a village hall for a wedding anniversary gig and that went fine and so we were done gigging for the evening.

So off to the Crown And Anchor to catch a Leslie Wilson of Freewater gig, there were a few people there and a couple of people from the music scene in Gazza Tee and John Dudley, so far then pretty normal night.

Then Leslie gives her the set list she is using and asking Becky if she would get up and sing something and Becky wasn’t being entirely dismissive of the idea which was very unusual for her to say the least, trouble was Becky only knew bits and pieces of the songs, so I suggested The Man That Got Away if I could go home and get a backing track CD and she said yes!

So I ran up Holywell Hill to the car (out of breath), home, burned a CD, craftily with Somewhere on as well as she had done it at Uni, got it and the camcorder back to the pub and when her turn came it was sensational!


Jim’s Favourite Gigs/Events Oct 10 – Dec 10

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Jim’s Favourite Gigs/Events Oct 10 – Dec 10

The enforced break in the musical world of Becky Rose (23/10/10) 

After two years, 121 gigs and only the odd gig cancelled in that time, Becky started Uni in Worcester and got a bad cough and cold that put her out action for 6 weeks with 5 cancelled gigs.

Still, maybe it was a blessing in disguise as my work suddenly demanded lots of extra hours from me and Becky’s course at Uni was far more intense than she guessed, I think she didn’t expect to have to read lots of books doing drama and performance!

So gigs and vocal recording activity came to an abrupt halt.

Then, a couple of Saturdays ago, Becky had the day at home to herself, her voice was back and she was revisiting songs in progress.

At about 9pm she invited Cathy, Katie (big sis), Suki (the dog!) and myself up to listen to the just about complete version of Fire Within (It Feels Like) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3ilM7Au94o her new dance track and we all thought it was great and suddenly there was a real burst of electricity in the room and Becky launched into an impromptu and fun concert going to songs right back to her young schooldays and some brand new and upbeat covers she has been working on…there was Telephone (Lady Ga Ga) with Katie whooping when Becky did the Beyonce rap in the middle….there was a Ke$ha cover, Tik Tok, then way back in time to a German opera song Ich Liebe Dicht, a song she had to sing at school where she was was so struck by stage fright she nearly fainted before and after her performance, this time though, the power and tenderness of her voice was jaw dropping.

After that we got an in progress (no verse yet) beautiful ballad that she is writing, then we got of all things ‘I Could have Danced All Night’ complete with an off the scale high note at the end, then Apres Moi by Regina Spektor in an effort to get the dog to join in but Suki was far too excited for that, so Becky moved on to a Russian folk instrumental Karabouska (?) which she once accompanied Katie on violin at High School years ago and we were all laughing including Becky as she was going faster and faster until finally, her fingers couldn’t keep up and so she just slumped with her head on the keyboard, it was brilliant seeing her let go of all that frustration and to have her back on top form again.

The girls went back downstairs to watch the X Factor and I went back to my Van Der Graaf Generator LP (H to He…) wondering where the last whacky half hour came from.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fire Within (It Feels Like) enters the Amazing Radio Charts at number 38!

Gig 127 Wednesday 01 December 2010

Air Cafe, Worcester (World Aids Day)
This was an absolutely brilliant evening!

It was organised by Lewis Spelt backwards for his Uni course and for World Aids Day it was ‘drag em to air’ so the drag queens and the local gay community were out to celebrate.

Becky’s set just seemed to be exactly what the audience wanted this evening, she’d unveiled her new platinum blonde look and had been going to the gym religiously in the past few months so she was looking fab for this gig and she was a shrewd judge on her set list, as I wasn’t sure that Noises would be right for this type of party but Becky was convinced that a female vocal with power a la Judy Garland would be fine and she was spot on!

Noises got a very enthusiastic response but next up was just amazing as she wheeled out her recent Lady Gaga cover of Telephone, the audience couldn’t wait to the end so they were cheering from halfway through and all the way to the end.

Having the drag queens escort her from the stage while the terrific compere was waxing lyrical about Becky was just the icing on the cake.

One of my very favourite gigs so far and Becky said it was one of her favourites as well.


Sunday 12 December 2010

Fire Within (It Feels Like) is Number 1 on the Amazing Radio Chart!






Jim’s Favourite Becky Rose Gigs/Events June 10- September 10

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Jim’s Favourite Becky Rose Gigs/Events June 10- September 10

Some of these can be found on http://www.youtube.com/user/BeckyRoseMusic

Gig 102 Thursday 10 June 2010

The Island Bar, BIRMINGHAM

Becky managed to land a support slot for Anni B Sweet, a Spanish Indie singer who was signed with Spain’s largest independent record label, she had a track by her being used by MacDonalds in a TV ad campaign, this gig was being advertised on MySpace banners with Becky Rose on them and also she was voted El Pais ‘Sensation of 2009’ …wow!

It was Becky’s MySpace and You Tube that landed her the gig so we made our way over to the Island Bar.

This was Becky’s longest set to date and quite a few people turned up especially to see Becky even though she was the support slot but it did feel strange but nice to be surrounded by a predominately Spanish audience in Birmingham and they were all surprisingly very trendy!

Becky was brilliant, delivering a confident and very powerful performance.

The Spanish crowd were very supportive and the promoter, Nico, who was a lovely guy even said that some of his friends thought that Becky had upstaged Anni.

Gig 110 Saturday 17 July 2010

The Red Lion, DROITWICH, The Droitwich Music Festival

Some gigs are just more exciting than others!

Four Divas, at the last event of the 8 day Droitwich Music Festival, with all the performers and family in one section of the pub, it felt a little bit like a works Xmas Do!

The Divas sorted out the running order out amongst themselves in a very friendly manner but their was a frisson of healthy competition in the room and you could tell at the outset that this could be a very interesting night of entertainment and we were not disappointed.

First up was Natalie West and I thought Winter in particular was a lovely track and mixed up Acoustic and Disco (with backing tracks) in a very entertaining set.

Next up was Laura Cowley who was in a band Elsewhere the only other time I’d seen her and on that occasion she was very nervy but boy, she had come on leaps and bounds since then and delivered a very passionate performance in front of her home crowd.

Then it was Laura Thompson and she has a really strong set of songs in her repertoire and All My Faith is one of my favourites

And finally Becky Rose was up to close off the festival, Motorway grabbed attention, Come What May had her voice soaring at the end and her new cover Closest Thing To Crazy was played to a very hushed audience by now.

All the divas were mixing at the end and congratulating each other on their sets and the whole pub seemed to be joining in with a lot of enthusiastic chatter going on, sometimes you just get a brilliant night.

Gig 119 Saturday 11 September 2010

The Old Cock Inn, DROITWICH, Saltfest

Bex was last on for another Droitwich festival again but by the time Becky was due to go on there hardly seemed to be anyone around, however as soon as Becky started sound checking, the room filled very quickly and it was obvious that word had got around about her previous gigs in Droitwich and that she was becoming quite a draw now!

Every song was a triumph, even with a couple of feedback issues to contend with and by the time she had finished her set with the unusual closing number of ‘I’ll Keep It With Mine’ she didn’t just get an encore but a standing ovation, wow!

Becky did a belting finale of her reworked Noises and spent ages afterwards talking to new blown away fans and the organisers of the festival were thrilled…we like Droitwich!

Jim’s Favourite Gigs/Events March 10-June 10

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Jim’s Favourite Gigs/Events March 10-June 10

Some of these can be found on http://www.youtube.com/user/BeckyRoseMusic
Gig 88: Tuesday 02 March 2010

The Vic Inn, DERBY

After all these gigs, this was the first time Becky had performed in front of her wider family as myself and Cathy were originally from Derby.

It would not be a surprise then to say that Becky’s set was received very enthusiastically, what was even better for me though, was the young crowd right at the front who took great delight in giving some very humorous and cheeky banter with Becky between songs and seeing her handling it very playfully and not putting her off at all.

Gig 90: Thursday 11 March 2010

Council Chamber, County Hall, The Tryangle Awards, WORCESTER
Celebrating Young People’s Achievements

A big audience packed with dignitaries from councillors to Chief Superintendents and all manner in between.

This is where previous experience comes in big time, as there was no PA, but we could tell the acoustics would be excellent in this lovely room and Becky had done a gig before without a PA at the Lamb in Great Malvern, so Becky approached this with confidence which clearly demonstrated a new found belief in her abilities.

I said Becky was like posh Bx tonight and she performed with real class and dignity and it was nice at the end when a guy complimented her at the end and that he was ‘blown away’ by Come What May as it was his and his wife’s wedding song.

Gig 95: Friday 16 April 2010

The Camden Head, CAMDEN, LONDON

This was a Scary Little Girls production and the organiser Becca, who is terrific, had got us to do a gig previously at the Crypt Gallery under St Pancras Church and no one turned up! So we were a little apprehensive with another long trip to London ahead of us.

They were charging £5 entry and at 8:30 there was still no-one there but still we were having a really nice day out in London so, no worries, what we didn’t realise was that people were downstairs queuing to get in and then the place was quickly packed out with them having to keep bringing more seats in for people.

The audience were very quiet and respectful and Becky’s set was faultless and very enthusiastically received.

We got home at 2:30 am after a 296 mile round trip and we were coming back to London the following Wednesday!

Gig 96: Wednesday 21 April 2010

The Troubador, Kensington, LONDON

Maybe, just maybe, this gig could have far-reaching effects on Becky having a big career in music.

It all seemed pretty normal at first, not a big crowd but Becky put in another of her consistently excellent sets, the compere for the evening described it as ‘just fantastic’.

Becky took her seat and was chatting with Cathy, Katie and Lisa Ventura who was in London had come to see Becky perform (much appreciated Lisa) when two women came over to Becky and seemed very observant and were asking some detailed questions about her music and ambitions and they then gave her a business card and told Becky to keep in touch and keep them up to speed with any new songs etc in the future and in parting they said ‘Becky we came especially just to see you’ and with that they left.

Lisa promptly looked them up on her laptop and was amazed to see that she was the manager of a top class management company with loads of stellar names on their books.

Becky still swaps occasional emails with them and it was a real boost to know that the business believes she could have something special.

As an aside we had already paid £50 for a soundboard recording of the gig and I dubbed this sound onto the film and published virtually the whole set on my YouTube channel, because to me if Becky does make a breakthrough, this was the exact moment.

Gig 100: Saturday 05 June 2010

Walrus Gumboot at Sumo, LEICESTER

No, it’s not memorable for being gig 100, in fact, it was very nearly an absolute nightmare of a day.

We always seem to be jinxed on Leicester gigs, maybe it’s because I’m a Derby fan and I’m not welcome!

Last time we got hopelessly lost, this time we broke down at the Corley services. We eventually made it by car but then got hopelessly lost on foot! It was supposed to be a four minute walk but with all the gear we were carrying and it was boiling, we took a half an hour detour around the park where a music festival was on, we thought Sumo must be there, finally after asking lots of people from gang members to policemen we eventually found it.

But still, the bad luck was to continue, the pub was blasting out rave music from the bar with only a couple of punters in there and it was competing with the acoustic music just outside the door (why!?) and then when Becky kicks off her set there is howling feedback drowning out her first song.

Seeing as there were only a dozen people in the audience anyway I decided to unplug the keyboard from the PA altogether and then Becky carried on with it through the keyboard speakers.

So what made it memorable then, well it was one couple who were on the phone between songs to her friend saying that they were watching this amazing girl singer who was fantastic, listen (holds the phone out) did you hear that she’s amazing!

When Becky had finished she came over to tell her that she thought Becky was brilliant, a couple of minutes later, Becky took a CD over to give to her with the bizarre result of this lady forcing Bx to take £10 for it while Becky wanted her to have it for free…she did end up with the £10!

Now, any sane person, any businessman (and I’m supposed to be one) would say we are being totally stupid doing all this and yet it still felt wonderful watching the pleasure a complete stranger got out of Becky’s songs and performance, just seems to make it all worthwhile somehow.

Jim’s Favourite Becky Rose Gigs/Events October 09- February 10

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Jim’s Favourite Becky Rose Gigs/Events October 09- February 10

Some of these can be found on http://www.youtube.com/user/BeckyRoseMusic

Gig 71: Friday 16 October 2009

BBC Hereford and Worcester Studios, Live In Session On The Andrew Marston Introducing Show

Becky had been recovering from a cough but we couldn’t cancel another opportunity at appearing on the Friday Session, as previously she recommended Lewis Spelt Backwards instead of her the last time she was asked, so again we were already worried for her beforehand.

It didn’t help matters that the sound checks had her really belting Noises in a very dry atmosphere and it lead to frequent coughing fits afterwards…way to put the pressure on!

Becky still put everything into the performances and was excellent in her interviews and is becoming much stronger in promoting herself and events.

The really memorable bit for me, though, was after her slot had been done she was asked to record a jingle, some background music and record an ‘About Me’ segment.

Now the ordeal was over Becky was very relaxed and we were all relieved for her and it was a joy to see her enjoying herself and putting together some superb keyboard work.


Gig 72/73: Saturday 17 October 2009

Glamour Llama Lounge, WORCESTER

How could this not be memorable, after all this was also Becky’s 18th birthday party as well!

With big plans also comes big problems, already we’d had to replace Ed as DJ at short notice, Holly the main organiser couldn’t do it as she was comforting a friend in the hospital, the guy providing the PA had cancelled because he was sick, it was starting to feel jinxed.

However step forward the heroes of the hour, Scarlet Carmina solved the PA issue, myself, Cathy, Katie (Bx Big Sis) and her boyfriend Simon (the new DJ) got the place decorated and the lighting sorted.

The place was nicely full, all the acts ran on time and they all helped each other out with equipment failure, Simon was a brill DJ and Luke got a terrific sound from all the acts.

Craigus started with some lovely eclectic stuff, Joe Taylor was a great compere for the evening, Merigostrates looked cool and were surprisingly good for a new band, Absolute Ataxia were brill especially their cover of ‘Common People, Mudball rocked with Becky’s vocal higher in the mix for a change (thanks, Luke) and Scarlet Carmina provided some excellent good time Rock and Roll and DJ Barxy got the kids to dance the night away.

Over the next couple of months these turned out to be the last gigs Becky did with both Mudball and Merigostrates but it was all good experience for her.


Sunday, November 01 2009

Becky Rose MySpace profile views past the 100,000 mark!

Gig 76: Thursday 05 November 2009


A long, long trip there and it was a sparse audience for the effort but the sound quality was the best we’d had to date and Becky was very chilled and put together a beautiful set that got loads of positive feedback from the very enthusiastic audience.

This set became very stable over the next few months and all because of this night.


Gig 85: Saturday 23 January 2009

Amnesty International Headquarters, SHOREDITCH, LONDON

OK, this will live long in my memory as one of the most bizarre gigs, I, personally, could attend.

For a start, it was an AGM for a feminist organisation called OBJECT and they campaign against Lap Dancing clubs, prostitution etc, all very worthy.

It was funny when the cabaret organiser said there was some consternation that I might be representing the Lap Dancing clubs (it’s the black overcoat) but they had no idea that I was worse than that!

They called the activists to the floor with a giant video screen to show their recent foray into 3 WH Smiths to campaign against Lads Mags complete with police turning up!

If only they had known I was, in fact, a manager of WH Smiths!


Jim’s Favourite Becky Rose Gigs/Events May 09 – September 09

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Jim’s Favourite Becky Rose Gigs/Events May 09 – September 09

Some of these can be found on http://www.youtube.com/user/BeckyRoseMusic

Gig 44: Saturday 20 June 2009

Music Lounge at Taurus, MANCHESTER

This was the longest trip to date, to a large pub in the centre of Manchester’s gay village, and we were all quite excited about the potential for this gig.

The area was packed, and it was a lovely pub, but we were then a little disappointed to find we were to perform in a much smaller room (they always put the most glamorous pictures on the internet).

However, the audience were very attentive, and the other acts on were of a very high quality including one guy from Newcastle Paul Handyside who had had some chart success in the 80s I think.

Becky was still really buzzing about this gig, and it was nice to feel like we were tourists here as well.

The performance from Becky was what made this memorable for me as she delivered an impassioned set and at the end, she was soaked with sweat at the end of it which is very unusual for her and she got a rousing reception as she left the stage.

Becky was on a high afterwards, and she picked up a batch of CDs and went round some of the people who were enthusiastic about her and gave them away to them.


Gig 54: Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Edinburgh Cellars, ISLINGTON, LONDON

Another long trip (278 miles there and back) and Becky’s first London gig and Becky goes down a storm, Samson lulls them then Motorway grabs their attention, but it’s Come What May that really does it here as the whole pub goes into stunned silence when she hits the top note near the end.

It turns out later that there is a significant contact made from this as word of her performance and a copy of her CD reaches a company called Scary Little Girls and an invitation to perform at the London Arts Festival at the Crypt Gallery back in London later this year.

Becky was well out of her comfort zone on the trip through London but after this gig, she wants to live there!


Gig 64: Friday 18 September 2009

Alessio Adorisio Memorial Gig

The Marrs Bar, WORCESTER

This was a combination of things that make Becky really nervous, first, the emotion surrounding this was palpable, Becky was asked to cover songs by the Beatles and Oasis and to do these live for the first time and Becky was the first act on.

She was obviously nervy as the introductions were being made, but she rose to the challenge and pulled off a delightful version of Let It Be, followed by Go Let It Out and back into her comfort zone with The Dress In My Wardrobe.

Becky got a lot of good feedback following her set but one in a particular she was touched by from a woman who said she didn’t like the Beatles version but Becky’s Let It Be made her cry.


Jim’s Favourite Becky Rose Gigs/Events February 09 –April 09

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Jim’s Favourite Becky Rose Gigs/Events February 09 –April 09

Some of these can be found on http://www.youtube.com/user/BeckyRoseMusic

Gig 19: Friday, February 6, 2009.


In the morning, Becky emailed the Boathouse to cancel due to yet more heavy snow in the morning, except the Friday Session gig guide on the radio lists Becky Rose at the Boathouse. So in order not to let anyone down Becky races upstairs to do a very quick change and we race on over to the Boathouse.


So with no rehearsals beforehand, a must on previous gigs, Becky delivers an absolutely flawless first set complimented by the fantastic sound that night but to top that on her second time up Becky delivers a jaw-droppingly good version of Come What May…who needs the practice anyway.

Gig 21: Tuesday 3 March 2009.

The Island Bar, BIRMINGHAM

Becky’s first gig in Birmingham and with Sam and Dale of Acoustic Brew who become very supportive of Becky in the future.

Becky’s sister Katie turns up with her friends from Birmingham Uni after a drinking spree in a cocktail bar on happy hour which added atmosphere to an already noisy and appreciative audience.

A good night was had by all!


Gig 22: Wednesday 4 March 2009

The Marrs Bar, WORCESTER


Becky was doing a guest vocal with a band called bizarrely, FatBoysAreHarderToKidnap and after 2 numbers with a guy on vocals called Glen, they are doing OK at best and then Becky is introduced to the stage and at this point, myself and Cathy had no idea what to expect.

The intro starts up to Modern Girls, Old Fashioned Men and then Becky launches spectacularly into it, and the place erupts because her power is incredible and Becky is even bopping away at the end, and the cheering of the crowd was just fantastic.

At the time of writing this, this video has been watched 900+ times mainly in the US and beyond.


After this, Becky still had a solo set to do and not surprisingly was introduced as “the fabulous Becky Rose!”

Wednesday 1 April 2009

A Myspace milestone, tonight as Becky’s profile views, go past 50,000 since she launched the site on September 08.

Gig 28: Sunday 12 April 2009

The Cellar Bar, Flavour of the Week, WORCESTER

Becky was on first, to a smallish but attentive audience and with one of the poorest P.A.s around, so what makes this so memorable for me?

Well, tonight we get not one, but two debut songs, both of which are considered to be the strongest songs to date in her repertoire and they are Noises and Obsession.


Becky threw the full weight of her performing skills at them, and I was blown away, and this was originally a gig to be used as a trial run for next week’s internet gig at Base Studios.


Friday 17 April 2009

Base Studio Live Internet Gig, STOURBRIDGE

At the time this was supposed to be the biggest and most nerve-wracking gig so far but no!

We meet with Nick J Townsend (a new Champion of Becky) and the Reverand Tool who are incredibly friendly and funny, the sound was brilliant, and Becky was flawless.

While Becky was performing the Reverand Tool came to me and said that Nick had made him promise not to check her out on Myspace/YouTube first he wanted her live performance to be a surprise. Becky was 2 minutes into Don’t Leave Me Alone when he said “she is f*****g good.”

Sara and Big Bird were brilliant to Becky as well, and Sara came rushing out at the end as I am in the car to ask me to come back in, once inside The Dress In My Wardrobe is on the PA and I collect £10 for Becky….her first paid gig!!


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